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OUR history

Kohn-Linq Foundation, Inc., was created in 2002 with the intent to help those incarcerated find a new way to live, as they returned to their respective communities. In 2014 we became a 501(c)3, retro to 2010, and officially changed our name to Kohnlinq, Inc. Over time and with changes occurring within our society, our objectives changed but not our desire to serve. In 2022, we created  WeKonnect, LLC., to further our objectives for research & development. Today, we support those struggling with SUD/OUD to reimagine a life worth living and find a sustainable pathway to recovery with our support.

Presently, with wisdom and personal experience, we have found other professionals like ourselves who have also found a pathway within recovery. With our desire to serve those still suffering, we have created a consortium to support those struggling with SUD/OUD to reimagine a life worth living.  With our supportive certified staff, we will help secure those receiving services in their recovery thrive and build the confidence they need to succeed in their own recovery.  We have created an App. called K-linq, which will monitor, track and provide in real-time, the essential non-clinical services to help those struggling to find recovery and sustain it over time with the support of those who have years of lived experience. Addiction holds a myriad of stigma, shame, guilt, and embarrassment. Most people with addiction issues struggle towards finding abstinence because of systemic issues that perpetuate their inability to find any form of recovery other than abstinence and find a way out.

Due to these systemic issues, our approach is person-centered, using our innovative service delivery system and ongoing coaching. We have the full knowledge and commitment of those who may find themselves on medication-assisted treatment programs as well, that may not feel worthy to seek this level of support.  However, we are here to help you also reimagine a life worth living. Our job at Kohnlinq, Inc., is to be Kind, Karing and to Konnect you to a variety of services in a constructive way for you to find your own pathway in recovery to make it sustainable and value-based. Kohnlinq Inc., is a Kind, Karing, and Konnective effort for the community using certified staff, who have been where you have been, and have reimagined their lives and we are here to show you how!

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Timing is Everything....

Since the pandemic, I realized that the world had slowed down and had been put on pause, if you will, by the CREATOR. It was like a door had been shut, Loudly!  As I reflected on the pandemic, I understood that the world had been put on pause, and whatever I had dreamt of doing or wanted and needed to do, I should do it now!



We have created an interactive tool for those suffering from SUD called, K-linq. Kohnlinq, Inc., will recruit, train, and deploy certified staff to obtain and build relationships with those who are within these marginalized communities and who want help with their substance use disorder (SUD) and its accompanying insanity. Our launch date is Spring 2023.

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